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ZO Magazine februari 2015 | UNIZO (Dutch)

ZOO Magazine
Hoe meer we digitaal en online ondernemen, hoe kwetsbaarder we worden voor ICT-aanvallen.
Expert Christophe Pêtre legt uit hoe u optimaal te beveiligen.

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Cybersecurity en kmo’s FOD Economie

The federal Computer Emergency Response Team

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Netsparker Web Application Scanner.

Pentest magazine

Lab setup, install and configure Netsparker on Windows 7 Virtual Machine

Security-Taskforce Cybersecurity is specialized in CybersecurityServices and Penetration Testing. We conduct security audits, monitor security of the whole infrastructure, protect against Ransomware, report the security status and provide practical improvements. We help companies to comply to various regulations like GDPR and other frameworks. We protect using MITRE ATT&CK  a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations this is part of our Cybersecurity-services.


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