Security-Taskforce performs Attack-simulation that assesses the resiliency of private and public cloud environments to post-breach attacks and lateral movement in your company network based on the Mitre [email protected] framework
  • Test for different scenarios: credential theft, compromised machines and other security flaws(vulnerabilities).
  • Identify new security risks and to validate existing security controls as your environment changes. It is non-intrusive, with no impact on your network.
  •  Assessment produces a detailed report with remediation tips, including a visual map of your network from an attacker’s point of view to better understand your network.


Zero Trust Policy base on Mitre [email protected] framework

Never Trust, Always Verify


Therefore we can simulate and demonstrate the risks your network is exposed.

Based on these findings we report attack vectors and practical improvements to avoid these kind of attacks.

Better prepared than sorry!

Book a at track simulation right now!

Attack-simulation is part of prevention!

About Security-Taskforce

We are specialized in Cybersecurity Services and Penetration Testing. We conduct security audits, attack-simulation, monitor security of the whole infrasture, protect against Ransomware, report the security status and provide practical improvements. We help companies to comply to various regulations like GDPR,and other frameworks. We protect using MITRE ATT&CK a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations.

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