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Security-Taskforce Cybersecurity is specialized in CybersecurityServices and Penetration Testing. We conduct security audits, monitor security of the whole infrastructure, protect against Ransomware, report the security status and provide practical improvements.


One of the primary questions we get when it comes to web application penetration testing (including mobile applications and APIs) is about what methodology we use. Of course it’s natural for people to wonder how we’re going to go about testing their assets, and somewhat surprisingly, it can be hard to get this kind of information from your pen testers. Or sometimes, they’ll point you to a large standard and just say that they use that. But we think it’s important for you to understand the flow and stages of a typical test for us. And while our testing methodology pulls some of the most important aspects from each of the industry-accepted standards listed below, we also think it’s important to customize this process and put it in terms our clients and partners will understand.

As a rule, our application-level penetration testing consists of both unauthenticated and authenticated testing using both automated and manual methods with particular emphasis placed on identifying vulnerabilities associated with the OWASP Top 10 Most Critical Application Vulnerabilities. It is important to note that a penetration test is not just an automated vulnerability scan, and a large portion of web application penetration testing is a manual process with a skilled engineer attempting to identify, exploit, and evaluate the associate risk of security issues.

Security-Taskforce analyzes the security of your computing environment, both internally and externally. It covers not only hardware but also software, operating system, firewall configuration, version and password management, ransomware protection.

We setup Security-Monitoring for all your devices for security issues: Servers, Laptops, Workstations, Firewalls, Databases, File integrity …

This will help to detect security events and help to understand to respond to these events.


We help companies to comply to various regulations like GDPR and other frameworks.

We protect using MITRE ATT&CK  a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations
this is part of our Cybersecurity-services.


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Our values

We bear responsibility for your Cybersecurity


Security-Taskforce Cybersecurity attach great importance to transparency towards the customer.

With us you will find no hidden costs or surprises. Build a long-term relationship of trust with our customers is our ultimate goal.



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Our mission is securing your IT infrastructure. For this, we conduct a investigation of your security structure and we make recommendations. In a digital world security of your information is becoming increasingly important. Make sure your business is not a victim of fraud.


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