Website Security should be a priority in any organization, but is seen in many cases overlooked. Hackers continue to focus on web-based applications – web shops, forms, login pages, dynamic content etc. Web applications are accessible 24/7 and contain valuable data.

Secure your website

Most people secure their home, business, computer … but forget to secure their website. Having a secure website is essential for an organization. Daily there are thousands of websites hacked. It is important to secure your website properly. It happens daily that hackers attempt to hack websites. If there is a leak in the security of this website, it’s easy for criminals to get in your website. Through a penetration test of your website we bring the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the Web site in map. The penetration test picks up where the general security scanning stops. Every page and function of your website is extensively tested for errors. There is a difference between a penetration test and an audit or security control, no attempt is made with a penetration test in order to break in, it only serves to identify risks.

Security Taskforce for a secure website

Leave the security of your website to an expert. We can perform a security audit of your website, this audit reveals a systematic evaluation of the safety of your website. We are specialists in the field of secure web applications and also do security audits for companies and institutions, we report on the security status and provide clear practical for improvement. Our specializations also extend beyond site protection.

Would you like to check the security of your website?

Security Taskforce provides experts in the short term, professional, clear and affordable security audits, investigations and can perform penetration tests. We are happy to contact you, fill-in the contact-form to talk about the possibilities and solutions. Our team is always ready for you!

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