What is a security-audit?

Many companies are faced with theft or fraud because hackers can hack into their website, IT infrastructure or Cloud-service . We can avoid this by conducting a detailed security-audit. A security-audit immediately gives you some good insights of sensitive points of your website.
A security audit is a systematic evaluation of the safety of an information system, by how well it conforms to predetermined criteria.

Why do I need a security-audit?

Security Audit
Audit policy of Cybersecurity

A security audit is needed in order to check whether you have protection systems which are effective and properly configured. It makes no sense to invest in security if it’s not properly implemented. An audit will give you a clear view on all aspects of the security of your systems and solutions,to resolve potential problems.

For now, here are the steps for a successful IT Security Audit:

  • Assess your current IT security state

  • Identify vulnerabilities and prioritize improvement opportunities

  • Describe the target state for your IT security

  • Access your progress towards your desired IT security state.

Inventory risks

Security audit analyzes the security of your computing environment, both internally and externally. It covers not only hardware but also software, operating system, firewall configuration, version and password management, ransomware protection … It’s not just viruses and spam which jeopardize the continuity of your business!

inventory risks
inventory cybersecurity risks

At the bare minimum, ensure you’re conducting some form of audit annually. Many IT teams choose to audit more regularly, whether for their own security preferences or to demonstrate compliance to a new or prospective client. Certain compliance frameworks may also require audits more or less often.




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Our mission is securing your IT infrastructure. For this, we conduct a investigation of your security structure and we make recommendations. In a digital world security of your information is becoming increasingly important.
Make sure your business is not a victim of fraud.

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